1.0.0 minecraft seeds | aquaman

Minecraft seed aquaman is a really tough desert island scenario.  You spawn on an island with no trees, the only thing nearby is large cave and ravine system.  Can you survive?

Need a hint?  There are some abandoned mineshafts if you bash through one of the walls, and from there you can dismantle the structures to obtain some needed wooden items.  I almost hate to give the coordinates away, since its half the fun finding it, but of course I will.  Look below the images for the coordinates to the mineshafts.

Minecraft 1.0.0 Seeds | aquaman | dungeon with two chests

Minecraft 1.0.0 Seeds | aquaman | stairs and track

1.0.0Minecraft Seeds | aquaman | lava lake with diamonds

1.0.0Minecraft Seeds | aquaman | lava lake

Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 | aquaman | more abandoned mineshafts

Minecraft Seeds | aquaman | abandoned mineshafts


the coordinates to the abandoned mineshafts are X: 238 Y: 24 Z: 365

some diamonds at X: 252 Y: 13 Z: 294

dungeon at X: 293 Y: 18 Z: 265


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