1.1 Minecraft Seeds | 1012

Please let me know if you find more good coordinates for this seed so i can include them, so far the main highlight is an NPC village near the spawnpoint.

This seed spawns you near a desert with an NPC village very nearby.  The village is at X: 74 Z:331

There is a cave with some decent ores to get you started at X: -247 Z: 314

~Thanks to NK for submitting this seed

12 thoughts on “1.1 Minecraft Seeds | 1012

  1. weee try billyspenis there is no good villages but you spawn near a hole in the ground [for mining] and a forest with lots of trees and cows and stuff

  2. I found a awesome seed! Just type in NPC village and you spawn right next to NPC village and its above water! There is one thing wrong with the village, there is no blacksmiths shop.

  3. Here is a spawn with a big hole right next to spawn with a skeleton dungeon in it.Also there is a village,but doesn’t have a chest.

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