1.2.3 Minecraft Seeds | 1775670011282668560

This minecraft seed features an NPC village really close to the spawn point at X: 107 Z: 212.  An added bonus is the chest in the blacksmiths house where there are 3 diamonds in the chest, plus some other stuff.

If you dig beneath the village there is a large cave system and a spider dungeon at X: 95 Y: 37 Z: 206  There is also a ravine connected to the cave system.

Not too far away is a ravine at X: 46 Z: 1036 and at the bottom of the ravine is an abandoned mineshaft.

~ thanks to eXpert111 for submitting this seed

6 thoughts on “1.2.3 Minecraft Seeds | 1775670011282668560

  1. Around the first village there is a cave system (I believe we’re talking about the same one) I established my own dungeon of sorts and there’s lava so no torches required. I also found blocks of redstone, gold, coal, and copper ores.

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