1.2.3 Minecraft Seeds | Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a really great 1.2.3 Minecraft seed. To begin with you get an NPC village near where you spawn. The village is at X: 250 Z: -234 and there is a cave system under the village where you can find lots of coal and iron ores.

A second smaller village can be found at X: 628 Z: -965 it is near a jungle biome with lots of animals nearby.


There is also a stronghold not too far from the first village, it is due East but a little tricky to find since you have to dig rather than follow a cave system. To find it head to X: 914 Z: 78 the last image in the gallery.

Now dig where I placed the torches in the second last gallery image and you will land in the stronghold.

10 thoughts on “1.2.3 Minecraft Seeds | Blade Runner

  1. hey, I cant find the stronghold, I found the village but as much as I try to find the strong hold. I cant. more info on finding it?

    • can u read stupid. it says (not literally) HOW TO FIND THE F***ING STRONGHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the second discription.

  2. I also found another seed that has a cave system under an through an NPC village: -144. Just -144. This seed also has massive overhangs and three diamonds in the NPC Village forge chest.
    However, I haven’t gotten to the nether yet (since I only do survival mode for seeds) so I haven’t found the strongholds.

  3. if yo go in the cave under the viilage shortly after you enter you find another entrance near alot of coal and if you enter it there is water and i’ts a circular room and if you explor that room yo find another cave and it’ts huge if you explor the huge cave you wll find a ravine!!

    • try this seed found by me. werewolf. or for even more info search in google: minecraft seed werewolf by dalestroyer

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