1.2.3 Minecraft Seeds | hellamadmen

This minecraft seed spawns you right in the middle of a huge NPC village (X: 199 Z: 272), the village spreads across two biomes which is pretty cool.  Part is in the desert biome and part in the plains biome.  In the middle of the village is a chasm that  leads to a large cave system.  I was told there were a bunch of spider spawners in the caves but I didn’t find them, maybe you can.

In the desert that the village touches is a surface zombie spawner dungeon, at X: -73 Z: 358

In the plains biome that the village is in I found possibly the biggest network of ravines that I have ever seen…i can’t even count how many there are.  But it is absolutely massive.  And at the bottom I found some diamonds.  The entance to this ravine is only slightly open and can be found at X: 382 Z: 261

~Thanks to max for submitting this minecraft seed


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