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A new version of minecraft is out, so update your clients and start playing this seed!  lostlostlost spawns you right next to an NPC village with tons of farm animals.  Nearby is a desert.  The village is at X: -308 and Z: 4.5

The new jungle biome is nearby and it looks pretty good.  A great place for some tree forts and Indiana Jones/Tarzan style missions.

28 thoughts on “1.2.3 Minecraft Seeds | lostlostlost

  1. The following is a list of chests I’ve found in various strongholds and dungeons.
    x]-729 x]-778
    y]43 y]33
    z]385 z]506

    x]-777 x]-949
    y]31 y]62
    z]483 z]474

  2. XD i found a dungeon then made a ender portal then killed ender dragon then got egg then went in portal and got to credits. then went back and nuked all the npc village XD

  3. I found a dungon!!
    Long way away but it has a large chest with alot of stuff!

    X: -949.699
    y: 63.62
    Z: 479.391

    You can see it from the ground and is exsposed to the sun just have to dig it out abit.
    Enjoy 😀

  4. I found a strong hold!!
    A long work from spawn point but worth it.

    X: -896.53
    Y: 26.62
    watch out for silver fish!
    Enjoy 😀

  5. I started playing this seed, I’m finding that having three biomes nearby is really handy with building. Anyone found some strongholds or dungeons yet?

  6. Theres a skeleton spawner about 150 blocks from the village near the surface. there’s a small cave entrance in the ground, but the exact coords are: X -496.5; Z 53.6.

    The caves around it are also loaded with Iron and Coal.

    • Aargh! Well, I tried digging at these coordinates, but didn’t find this spawner. I did find tons of diamonds and chests with gold and iron bars. Then I found a creeper.

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