1.2.5 Minecraft Seeds | 2525617506084080286

This is the first seed i’ve posted for the new minecraft version 1.2.5.  There are a ton of great features, two nearby villages, mineshaft, ravine, and fortress.

There is an NPC village near the spawn point at X: 367 Z: 163

There is a second NPC village nearby at X: 563 Z: 64 with some obsidian in the blacksmiths chest.

Just behind this second village is an exposed ravine at X: 621 Z: -36 and in this ravine is a huge abandoned mineshaft.  I think this is the coolest mineshaft I have seen in the game yet, there is so much of it exposed in the ravine.

If you explore the abandoned mineshaft long enough you will come across a fortress with a portal to the end at X: 736 Y: 35 Z: -22


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