1.3.1 Minecraft Seeds | 8491340278244839580

Minecraft 1.3.1 is here!  And with it comes an absolutely amazing seed that Slozim found.  The seed is 8491340278244839580 and you must play it on the large biomes setting.

You spawn in a plains biome, next to a desert biome and right next to the spawn point is a desert temple at X: -214 Z: 91.  If you drop in at the top of the pyramid and dig below the blue block, there are 4 chests with a bunch of diamonds and other stuff in them…watch your step though!

Next there is a desert village which can be found by following the river near the temple, the village coordinates are X: -336 Z: 374.  There is a blacksmiths in the village with diamonds in the chest.  Keep following the river and you will find another village in the plains at X: -479 Z: 523.  No blacksmiths chest in this npc village though.  There is a third npc village at X: 650 Z: 632 that is built on a ravine.  It looks pretty awesome!

And to top it all off right next to the third village is a jungle temple at X: -655 Z: 740.  Watchout for traps while exploring it!


20 thoughts on “1.3.1 Minecraft Seeds | 8491340278244839580

  1. Omg I didn’t think it would work!
    I have been trying soon hard to find a temple and you showed me how OMG THANK YOU! !!!!!!!!
    P.S pls put some more temple seeds up it would be very helpful! !

  2. Hello,

    I have a question about this website. Can you please contact me as soon you see this? I can’t email the address given for some unknown reason.


  3. if you make a nether portal at coordinates -305, -42 you will spawn on the side of a small hill that makes you fall and lose a few hearts but theres a HUGE nether strong hold or structure

  4. I couldn’t seem to find the third village. But, on the way there, I found 2 more Pyramids with the coords X:586 Z:618 (HAS AN EMERALD!!!) and the second one is at X:106 Z:634 (Nothing interesting in it). Anyways, is the third village supposed to be X:-650 Z:632, because having negatives and positives can throw people off a lot. Theres also a big amount of floating sand at X:0 Z:626 on the top of the hill, if anyone is interested in that kind of stuff.

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