#1 Minecraft Seed for 1.8 is……

The question was posed to Reddit to answer what is the best Minecraft Seed, and while the response rate was not overwhelming, all I needed was one gem, and it produced that. So, thanks to FlameBoss20 who submitted this cool minecraft seed, the next rounds on me!

I’m going to quote him from the thread, if you would like to add more commentary or suggest another great seed then please do….

“This seed is the one I use on my vanilla server: -7449149006511953827 It spawns you on a island, which is near 3 ocean temples. If you build a nether portal anywhere near the spawn island you spawn on a nether fort. There is 5 nether forts in the open, easy to find 400 blocks from nether spawn. There is a island near the spawn one with usual animal spawns, a bunch of trees, and a zombie spawner right underneath. There is a double blaze spawner (2 spawners within 10 blocks of each other) and the end portal is in a savanna around 800 blocks from spawn ūüôā I recommend depth strider.”

So with that said, lets check out some of the scenery that is discussed in the recommendation!

1.8 minecraft island spawn

First things first, it’s a nice island spawn point and I did what I always do when I start a new seed, first thing dig straight down until I reach bedrock, its very rare, but once in a while you find something super cool on a minecraft seed that is already awesome. Much-ado-about-nothing, there was no great surprise just tons of stone.

[showmyads]Next up are the three¬†ocean temples, I’m only searching for one because honestly, who needs a triple? As soon as I headed off the island I found not only one ocean monument but a second without even trying, so there really are at least 3. Now I won’t like, I don’t like an ocean temple, in fact it is by far my least favorite kind of temple…the reason…it’s impossible to take a good photo, its way to dark underwater and above the water its cloudy. ¬†Anyway, I took one, here it is, nothing to go nuts about, but if you like underwater temples then there are plenty really close to the spawn for you, put your scuba gear on.Where Is a Minecraft Ocean temple

The final piece to check o¬†ut is the nether, and just how many forts there are right off the spawn, shall we? Well I’ll give you one ¬†teaser screenshot, but other than that you will have to check it out yourself, thanks again¬†FlameBoss20, you’ve earned yourself a spot in theMinecraftMethod hall of fame.Minecraft Nether World Seed


Seed name is : -7449149006511953827

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