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Here is a desert island seed for minecraft 1.2.4.  You spawn on a treeless island but nearby is a an island with 2 trees on it, swim on over to that.  You get a cool island scenario right there, enough resources to get started.  But this seed has an extra cool feature that I haven’t seen before.  A double dungeon!  There are four chests in and two spawners to get you started on your island adventure.

If you explore the cave that the double dungeons are it takes you down a deep shaft and at the bottom there is an abandoned mineshaft.  If you keep exploring there is a ravine with a couple of exposed diamonds in it.  With tons of resources within close reach this is a super fun island scenario and definately worth a try.

14 thoughts on “Desert Island Minecraft Seed | 761901369131881790

  1. This seed is really cool! After 10 minutes I think I found 4 mob spawners.

    Double zombie spawner (4 chests)
    x: -210
    y: 60
    z: 357

    Spider spawner (2 chests)
    x: -214
    y: 32
    Z: 396

    Skeleton spawner (2 chests)
    x: -222
    Y: 28
    Z: 336

    I think there were another spider spawner somewhere, but i forgot to write down the co-ords.
    Hope this helped you a bit. :)

  2. where is the entrance to the dungeon, because i cant get coordinates because im on a mac and i dont know which island its on. can someone tell me

  3. I’m playing on this seed, it’s pretty cool that there’s a spawner with zombies guarding the only 2 trees on the land, it makes the beginning thougher which is perfect for a hardcore survival gameplay, like I’m doing right now.

  4. Wow, the first night on this map is just awful ! It’s a creepy zombie nest…

    The seed works just fine on 1.2.5 😉

  5. this seed is awesome! pretty much EXACTLY what i was looking for! there is also a spider dungeon when you go into the mine shaft, turn left, go around the lava right there, turn left again and you will see it on the right! ^.^
    i also made a map and started exploring to see if there was any other islands or if the rest is a water world. Go diagonal from the dungeon island back to the spawn island, then just keep sailing diagonally (and slightly horizontally). It was in the very top left corner of my map (right next to the ‘m’). it takes a while to get there, so make sure to take a boat there. you wont be disappointed! (sorry i dont have the coordinates cuz of the way my keyboard is set up…) anyway, there’s huge mountains, overhangs, arches, caves, waterfalls, lava flows, a bunch of sheep and a few (from what ive seen) cows! its really pretty!! I’m LOVING this seed so far!!!! =D

    • Click on more world options, then in the box that says seed generator, type the map seed. ( If you dont know what the seed is it is at the top of the page.)

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