EARTH [Minecraft Seeds] 1.0.0 Seed

Diamonds!!! And right near the spawn point too at X:-97 Y: 14 Z: 248

Right next to the spawn point (X:-89, Z: 246) is an entrance to a massive cave…go to the bottom of the cave and explore for a bit and you will see a single diamond visible without any mining. ¬†Further excavation in that area will give you tons of resources a bunch of minecraft diamonds.

NPC Village.  Theres a small NPC village next to a swamp biome at X: 196 Z:95

A second larger NPC Village can be cound at X:616 Z:525

14 thoughts on “EARTH [Minecraft Seeds] 1.0.0 Seed

  1. a good seed is -0100101010101100101000010101010101000100010 if you dig down from spawn point there is a huge ravine with about 30 blocks of diamond in it there is also like 50 blocks of gold and there is over 25 blocks of lapis lazuli there is over 50 blocks of redstone there is over 75 blocks of iron and there is way over 100 blocks of coal

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