Frost Scorched Earth: Ice-world Minecraft Seed

It’s a cold world out there, you wake up and the chill reaches into your bones, jagged  and cold.  You hungry, alone, confused, but you need to get up, you must get up, or it will get you. You know something is out there, and it means you harm.  So wake up, get up, survive!

If its too hard, maybe you would prefer to play this easy seed, wimp 🙂

Difficult ice world to survive in

[showmyads]Ice and snow biomes are the least forgiving terrains in minecraft. This one is particularly formidable, there is little to eat, no trees, no way to survive, or is there? Test yourself and your minecraft skills on this challenging survival scenario. The ice plains biome is one of the cooler looking landscapes in the game.
Challenging ice world biome for minecraft

Seed Code: 85490543201

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