How to build an End Portal in Minecraft

Having troubles building that Ender portal?

[showmyads]The key steps to building an end portal are:

  1. You must be in creative mode
  2. You need 12 End Portal blocks and 12 Eyes of Ender
  3. You need a 5×5 area of clear flat ground
  4. Place all end portal blocks  facing the same direction
  5. Place the eyes of ender in the portal blocks, success
  6. If its not working, make sure all the blocks are facing the proper direction
  7. Make sure there is no grass or anything blocking the portal
  8. If it is still not working, and you are sure that everything else is perfect, try knocking out two or three of the blocks are replacing them, that will fix it

Not working? Check out this how to build an Ender portal video for a full walkthrough, and if you still have questions that keep reading for answers.

Okay – still having problems? You are not alone, let’s review all the things that could be wrong with your portal, and we will correct them to make sure it works.

Why Is My End Portal Not Working in Minecraft

Completed frame, yours should look identical a 5×5 grid but you don’t need the corner blocks – It is very important that all the blocks are facing the correct direction.Completed Ender Portal Blocks


And here is an example of an erroneous one:

Incorrect End Portal Block Placement

The final product, a working end portal:How to Build an End Portal



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