Huge Mountain Range, Staggering Waterfalls

This awesome minecraft 1.8 seed has ultimate views of mountains and waterfalls, don’t believe me?  Check out a couple of these screenshots, look how big that waterfall is, then go check it out yourself. The mountain is so tall and the waterfall so huge I could barely fit it all in this screenshot. Seed name: 3736255817155530355

Check out this massive waterfall on the mountain side


Like 1.8 Minecraft seeds?  Here is another! 

At the base of the mountain range is a zombie spawner in a dungeon in the desert biome.  There are four music discs in the chests, there are two chests, they also have a saddle and some miscellaneous items for you. I like the view from here how the mountain has a tunnel that goes all the way through it.
Music discs, green and orange [showmyads]This is another visual view of the mountain range, its so large that some of these screenshots do not do it justice, you need to explore it yourself.  Here we have a small lavafall and a waterfall near the mountain.
Minecraft seeds This huge mountain range has aweome views
This is the view right near the spawn point, look how low the clouds are in comparison to how high the mountain is, also the tunnel that cuts right though the center is really cool.  I was told there was also a village in the area but didn’t find it, if you see it, please add the coordinates in the comments so that everyone knows where it is, if you do it, then you rock!
Huge mountain absolutely montrous


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