lost is a mushroom biome seed for 1.0.0 [Minecraft Seeds]

The seed lost is a unique seed for minecraft 1.0.0 it spawns you right in the middle of the new mushroom biome.  Check out the Mooshrooms (mushroom cows) !!

5 thoughts on “lost is a mushroom biome seed for 1.0.0 [Minecraft Seeds]

  1. awesome, I’ve been looking for a mushroom spawn! Easiest meals, milking mooshrooms. Plus, there seems to be several cool underwater caves near spawn. A couple of coordinates: x145 z264 has iron and coal, x 175, z276 has naturally occurring obsidian from two lava pools. That’s just what I found quick, look for holes in the sea floor :)

    • glad it worked for you. i don’t use any mods when i make these seeds, trying to keep it consistent for as many people as possible. unfortunately there are still a few factors that make the seeds generate differently for different people. hopefully they work for most people.

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