Minecraft 1.0.0 Seeds | Minecon

The minecraft seed minecon spawns you near a mushroom biome at X: -300 Z: 66

Not too far away is a stronghold, just dig down at exactly X: -800 Z: -203 and you will come upon it.  The portal in the stronghold is at X: -785 Y: 25 Z: -209

Further north in the desert biome is a surface dungeon at X: -841 Z: -655

4 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.0.0 Seeds | Minecon

    • This still works in Minecraft 1.23, but it is ‘minecon’ all lowercase, not capitalized. Alternativly, after loading the map, F3 shows the seed as -1565904849

      Using that, the co-ordinates should still work. They did for me.

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