Minecraft 1.4 Island with Village Seed | dsfs


dsfs is a great minecraft world.  Theres a village on an island a short swim from the spawn point.  The village can be found at X: 382 Y: 76 Z: 290

The village is sitting atop a large cave system and if you look around in the caves you can find an abandoned mineshaft at X: 366 Y: 41 Z: 275

Near the village at X: 382 Y: 56 Z: 261 is a surface dungeon.  Just dig down a few sand blocks and you will find two chests in the dungeon.

In the screenshot with the whole minecraft island you can see the entire layout of the terrain.  I like lake in the far side of the island, it looks like something out of a James Bond movie.  Overall the whole world seed is pretty awesome, I will be building this out into an awesome super island fortress for the rest of the day!


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