Minecraft 1.8.5 Seeds: Snow World

Minecraft snow seed here for you. I’ve had a few people ask for a giant snow biome where you spawn and have to adventure for hundreds of blocks just to escape the wrath of the cold. I think a lot of you are masochists, since I find these biomes very tough places to start, while there are a lot of trees there are no structures, and minimal food for sustenance.  So here is the view from the spawn, as you can see, and would expect, its just snow, everywhere. This minecraft 1.8.5 seed was tested on the newest versio, but it should work for all the 1.8’s as well as 1.7…let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

Minecraft PE Snow Seed

 [showmyads] In fact all of the pictures that I took of this seed are snow, its everywhere, and its a really big area.  I actually did stumble across another biome in the video I made, but didn’t explore it, that’s for you to do if you choose.  The first time I played this minecraft snow seed I didn’t find any other biomes, so I think there is ocean on 2 edges and maybe other biomes on the other two, either way its a lot of snow.  As mentioned in the video, it looks a lot like Russia, or even Siberia, when I stumbled across a non-snow biome it was like walking into another world, a less snowy, less cold world.

Seed Code: 1410403532

Minecraft Snow Seed

Minecraft Snow World

Snow biome Minecraft


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