Minecraft 1.8: Diamond Armor in 1 Minute

This minecraft 1.8 seed spawns you right outside a small village, a great spot to start a little home or to get a fast start into the game.  While its barely a village and more just a little farm there is everything you need including horses, some buildings, and a desert biome as well.  Check out the picture from the spawn point, that will get your started real quick.

Minecraf 1.8 Village Seed

Seed name: 8678942899319966093

[showmyads]Just to the side of the village is a desert temple, thats an epic mincraft seed to get both things so quickly, and with the contents of the chests from the two locations you will be able to ride a horse within just a couple of minutes using the saddle.Spawn start temple seed for minecraft

The blacksmith in the village has a chest with a diamond horse armor in it, there is a saddle in one of the chests in the temple as well as several diamonds.  This means that within 1 minute of beginning this seed you could be riding your horse with diamond armor on it, pretty hard to get a mount that quickly in this game, especially with diamond armor rather than one of the lesser armors.

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