Minecraft Adventure Maps 1.9: A Day to Remember

A Day To Remember This minecraft adventure map has become very popular, very quickly, largely because of its original 2.5D style, which is a really unique way to play an adventure map in minecraft. You play as the hero of the story, Ethan Odell who is a regular guy but has his life messed up when his home catches on fire. It’s up to you to figure out what happened to Ethan’s house by interacting with all the games characters and objects.

Download: Download this custom map here:

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Rules & Tips:

  1. Map only works for single-player
  2. This is a 1.9 map, so use 1.9
  3. If you are stuck return to the starting area by taking off your diamond boots and pressing the start button
  4. Settings, go to Options> Video Settings > Render Distance make sure this is at least 4 chunks, but preferably 8 or more
  5. Settings, to to Options ? FOV must be normal, if you are playing on a smaller screen you will need a larger FOV
  6. Do not craft the items in your inventory as you need to them to complete the map

Credit to the creator: This map was made by smpmike23, website here.

For more smpmike23 maps, donations, or to contact the author, visit the website link above. 

 Download the Map Walkthrough.


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