Minecraft Adventure Maps: Kid Cupid


Kid Cupid This Minecraft Adventure Map is all about love, its an emergency because an unknown force is weakening you, the Angel of Love. You are being called by a goddess to stop the weakening force with your Bow of Love, can you beat the end boss?

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  1. Cling – allows you to jump towards ledges and hang on to it, jump again to climb it automatically
  2. Bow of love creates animal couples that go towards each other, and yes it has a purpose
  3. If you want to crawl just double click shift to start, then click again to get up
  4. Have fun
  • About the creator: PMKEXPERT and his youtube channel, he asks that if you create a youtube video using this map then please add his channel link to the description.
  • Map type: Adventure Maps
  • Minecraft Version: 1.9 pre2

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