Minecraft Adventure Maps: Planemo

About:Planemo: A Space Adventure

This minecraft adventure map is for 1.9 and the story is space based. You begin on an abandoned spaceship somewhere in the universe, and find more than would be expected on something so supposedly abandoned. This quick adventure map for 1.9 will take about an hour to complete, and it includes some great features including a jetpack with rechargeable energy cell, a controllable robot that can help you with your problem solving as well as accessing new map locations. There is a custom resource pack and original music, not to mention the massive abandoned spaceship that you get to explore. Over 500+ command blocks.


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  1. Single player only
  2. Works best on 1.9
  3. Have fun


  1. When first stepping off the spawn make sure you head over to the first setup room and follow the directions that are on the wall signs
  2. If you are struggling to control the jetpack, try turning your graphics settings down a bit as the redstone can lead to lag on older computers

Author Credit: This map was made by NothinBuddaDreamer

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