Minecraft Biome Seed | New World


Here is another 1.4.7 Minecraft world.  This one is called New World or if you prefer numbers you can use -78688046 to access this seed.

As is often the case with my seeds, I like to find lots of good stuff near the spawn point, rather than having to run around for ages.  This particular world is more about terrain than temples, villages, dungeons and the like.

You spawn at the junction of 3 biomes Plains, Desert, and Taiga.  The coordinates are about X: 24 Y: 102 Z: -22

If you explore the Plains biome for a short while there are some extreme hills which would be really good for making a base.  In particular one is already partially hollowed out and could become a really good spot.  Following the extreme hills to the end you will find a jungle biome.

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