Minecraft Diamond Seed | -671258039


The Seed name is: -671258039

So Many Diamonds!!

Right next to one another is a desert village and a desert temple.  In the chest are 9 diamonds!!!! Oh yeah 9 of them.  At X: -387 Z: 301

Head over to the desert temple and there are 4 chests with an additional 6 diamonds.  That’s right 15 diamonds just waiting to be crafted into some epic items.  All just 2 minutes from the spawn point.

There is a mob spawner in the mountain top at X: -225 Y: 83 Z: 382  This mountain is pretty awesome overall.  There is a lava waterfall tons of caves throughout and if you explore long enough you will find some surface diamonds at X: -245 Y: 11 Z: 443

A surface dungeon with an enchanted book in it at X: 36 Z: 45

Ravine at X: 7 Y: 50 Z: 222


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