Minecraft Flat Seed | Superflat | lostlostlost

I’m going to do 2 things i rarely do. Right now!  Repost a previously submitted seed, and post a super flat minecraft seed.  Anyway, i’ve done them both now, and theres nothing that can be done about it.  So…i’m reusing the seed lostlostlost…that is the seed name being used here.

If you aren’t aware there is a menu option in the world selection screen, go to More World Options and change the world type to Superflat.  This gives you exactly what you would expect a very flat minecraft seed.  Great for building up massive structures in creative mode, but not much else.  The reason i included this particular superflat minecraft seed for lostlostlost is that it has two equally large NPC villages near one another…and figure that has to be able to create some unique server dynamics.

Anyway, this is likely the first and last superflat flat minecraft seed i’ll be posting…if you like it…use the Superflat button more often, if you don’t like it…don’t use it.


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