Minecraft Parkour Maps: Assassins Creep

Assassins creep minecraft mapAbout:

This Minecraft Parkour Map is called Assassins Creep and it has that old fashioned feel of the popular video game Assassin’s Creed. For this reason this texture pack can enhance the feel of the map significantly.

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Download this parkour map here, please note this is a sponsored ad link that supports the maps creator, just wait a few seconds and press the skip ad button to play the map.


You need to find 9 wool blocks, each will require you to complete an objective. Above each objective is a floating block that is colored the same way as the wool block that you will receive at the end of completing the objective.

Once all wool blocks have been obtained you can enter the final dungeon with the entrance located under the spawn room.

There are also a few bonus quests: Find all hidden feathers, three hidden diamonds and nine wanted posters.


  1. Play on peaceful mode so you don’t have to deal with any mobs
  2. Don’t break any blocks
  3. Don’t place any blocks
  4. No mods
  5. Play with the recommended texture pack (above)

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