Minecraft PE : Epic Island Village Seed

.010 minecraft seeds with village and caveOne of the best pocket edition seeds for minecraft is this epic village seed, it starts as a survival island with not much around you, but just a short hop away there is a bigger better island with a complete village, a blacksmith, some iron items and a couple of other useful starting items.

Like Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds, here is another!

Lots of things to check out, but also lots of areas to explore. Why would you want to leave the island when you can just explore right there, dig around a bit and you may even find a treat. This seed works for minecraft PE 0.10X, and I believe it also works for all the earlier versions, correct me if I am wrong.  The MCPE seed name is 1418075276.



start near a large mincraft city on an island Island on minecraft PEAs always we here at theminecraftmethod.com just look for the best pocket edition seeds to get you started, but we need your help finding all the stuff that we could not find.  Did you find some diamonds, a stronghold, a fortress, a cool mountain or waterfall?  Please let us know with the coordinates so we can improve the seed for everyone, I want to make this website the best place to find minecraft seeds, and that requires help from you!


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