Minecraft PE Seed: HyperSheep

Find a diamond right away PE seed for minecraft Best PE minecraft seedsThe reason to play this cool minecraft seed is because you can get armour in almost no time at all, it only takes a few minutes and you can have full iron armor. The first piece you get at the spawn point and the others you have to work a bit harder for.  So load up the HyperSheep seed code and when you start the game head to the village that you are looking at, in the blacksmith you will find some iron leggings, two pairs, grab one and you have your first piece of iron armor.

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[showmyads]Now to get the rest of the items, head over to the river and cross over it, on your way take some time to make a pickaxe as you will be needing it when we head into the mines. There’s a cave across the river and you need to head down there, tons of iron in there right at the surface so no wasted time, mine it up, bring it back to the blacksmiths and you got yourself a full iron suit, sword included.  Pocket edition city right from spawnGet mining in this minecraft seed

Deeper down in the cave you can find more minerals to mine, there’s even a diamond, and i’m sure you can find more…if you find more please let us know in the comments so that other people can find it too.


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