Minecraft PE Seeds, Village Spawn, Mesa and Taiga Biomes

This is the view from the spawn point, I didn’t move a muscle before snapping this screenshot.  This is for those of you who love to have a village to start exploring right out of the starting gate. There is a blacksmith in the village as well, i checked out the loots but the contents will be a surprise for you, that way you have to play this minecraft PE seed yourself.NPC village right at the spawn point

[showmyads]Now that we’ve seen the starting point, lets see what else this place has to offer us.  The next thing I did was to get a few shots of the surrounding biomes which included mesa, the taiga we are looking at here, and there were also bits of desert and forest nearby.

Mesa Biome and Village in this PE seed for Minecraft

Use the code: 379615928 to play this world

I did explore quite a ways from the spawn point, but these were the best features that I found, without digging underground.  Please hit up the comments if you find some other great things to do in this PE seed for minecraft.

One last screenshot of the village and mesa biome.

Taiga biome, mesa biome, village in the plains for minecraft



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