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[showmyads] Minecraft PE Seeds!!  Might as well start off with the most classic one, this pe seed is called nyan.  Type it in and lets start playing the nyan world.

I have no coordinates to give you directions so I will try and reference the spawn point.  Here is a screenshot from the spawn point:

Pocket edition seeds nyan


Giant lavafall, mountains, and

lots of different biomes.  There is a good reason nyan is the most popular minecraft pe seed.  Lets keep moving.

Here is a screenshot of the spawn point from a distance, note the two lava falls and waterfall as well as the massive mountain range:

nyan seed for minecraft pe

Here is a shot of the backside of the mountain range, yet another lavafall and waterfall.  Absolutely stunning!  This seed for minecraft pe is a winner!

nyan with water fall and lava fall

Around that side of the mountain is this huge cavern into the side of it, time to explore!

in the depths in nyan

Its a dead end, but start mining and let me know what you find.

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