Minecraft Seed | -6477892280881969750

This is a 1.2.5 minecraft seed called -6477892280881969750.  There are pink sheep every where, literally.  Extremely close to the spawn point I think I found 12 pink sheep, I haven’t seen more than 1 before in one area, so this is very rare.  12 pink sheep, seriously!  See if you can find more of them.

There is a large ravine at X: -386 Z: 189 in the side of it is a visible skeleton spawner with two chests.

~thanks to Ninjasquirrels for submitting this seed

13 thoughts on “Minecraft Seed | -6477892280881969750

  1. Also found an abandoned mine shaft at:
    X: -428
    Y: 29
    Z: 155
    It’s past a wall of gravel and above a water flow.

  2. Found a Zombie-spawning dungeon at
    X: -429
    Y: 47
    Z: 218
    2 chests containing 9 iron ignot, 4 bread, 1 cocoa beans, 4 gunpowder, disc C418, 4 string, 3 redstone, and 4 wheat total.

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