Minecraft Seed for Pocket Edition: Mushroom Island

If you are looking for a Minecraft mushroom island biome for pocket edition then you came to the right place, because that is exactly what this seed is all about.  If you were looking for something else, then perhaps you should check out that instead. Now, less talk, more screenshots right? This is the view from the spawn point:

View from spawn is a mushroom island





[showmyads]And clearly the next thing to do will be to head over there and investigate that awesome island, that’s the whole point of the mooshroom island pe seed anyway, to get to an island with mushrooms on it.  So let’s head over for a close up. Hostile mobs are uncommon in mushroom biomes, so head over milk a cow and get to the mines. Get a mooshroom farm going and have some fun, the code is below, so load it up.

Seed number: 106854229minecraft mushroom island

Mushroom biome from above is the final view here, it really is a great looking seed, its a long skinny island, looks a little bit like the bottom half of Italy on a  map.  The nice thing is, that since its right next to a normal island there are lots of good resources to bring over from there, to here.  It’s difficult to find a mooshroom island right off the start, especially one as nice as this.

Don’t forget if you want to mine some of those Mycelium blocks, you can only use a shovel that has the silk touch enchantment or else it will not remain mycelium but instead will turn into dirt.  If you want to mine some dirt, then just keep doing what you were doing.

Top down view of a mooshroom pe seed

Minecrafter’s and minecraftee’s I present to you a Mooshroom biome seed pe, that’s correct, for a limited time only you can play on this wonderful island and see all the sites, just kidding, its obviously not going anywhere.



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