Minecraft Seed | Super Diamond Speed Run

The seed is -1187953457 and it is full of diamonds it works for regular biomes and I played it on version 1.5.  I found 16 diamonds in less than 5 minutes and have the video to prove it.

[showmyads]You spawn at a jungle temple with 3 diamonds in the chests the coordinates are X: 119 Y: 84 Z: 164.  Careful of all the traps if your not playing creative mode.  Heading out of the jungle you could head over to the nearby witch hut (in the swamp biome next to the jungle) or keep moving into the desert…its a speed run so that is where i’m heading.

There is a surface dungeon with a projectile protection I enchanted book.  No diamonds though so keep moving!

Heading to the nearby forest biome you need to go to X: 563 Y: 70 Z: 500.  There should be a couple of yellow flowers (look at the screen shot if you need a better visual).  Dig under the flowers and you will fall into a stronghold.  There is a library but its not worth the time to check out, only one chest and no enchanted books.

The ravine system is really cool, one backs into the other, its in the stronghold but if your having troubles finding it go to X: 577 Y: 27 Z: 518.  Part of the stronghold is floating in between the ravine walls which is one of the best features.  The remaining 13 diamonds are in here including 7 surface diamonds in one of the ravines.  The coordinates for the diamonds are as follows:

2 diamonds at X: 627 Y: 11 Z: 482

4 more diamonds at X: 618 Y: 14 Z: 462

7 diamonds at X: 578 Y: 14 Z: 563




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