Minecraft World Seeds | Odd Future


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The minecraft seed Odd Future (remember its caps sensitive) is a seed for minecraft version 1.2.3.  It features an NPC village near the spawn point at X: -197 Z: 333 There is a small opening in the ground near the … Continue reading

1.2.3 Minecraft Seeds | 1775670011282668560


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This minecraft seed features an NPC village really close to the spawn point at X: 107 Z: 212.  An added bonus is the chest in the blacksmiths house where there are 3 diamonds in the chest, plus some other stuff. … Continue reading

Minecraft Seeds List | 4629091465175177150


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This minecraft seed 4629091465175177150 features a huge mushroom biome, perhaps the largest I have seen in the game so far.  It really is large, and worth checking out, tons of mooshrooms etc…   There is a surface dungeon in the desert … Continue reading