[Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0] 458384954

I’m going to sidetrack a bit in this post from my usual format in order to show you a new 1.0.0 feature.  The end.  We’re using the seed 458384954 in order to first find a stronghold near the spawn point and then use that stronghold to get to the end.

My spawn was X: 124 Z: 567 and it looked something like this:

Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 | 458384954 | spawn point

Even if you spawn in a different location we’re heading to the same place so go to the following coordinates where you will find a small NPC village X: 196 Z: 852

[Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0] 458384954 | npc village

Nearby to this village is a stronghold, but we’ll have to dig to find it so go to this coordinate X: 195 Z: 792

Now dig straight down…until you hit the stronghold and you will find the portal to the end…in case you made a mistake the coordinates should be X: 195 Y: 28 Z: 792

[1.0.0 Minecraft Seeds ] [458384954] | end portal

One quick sidenote, theres a library in the stronghold at X: 146 Z: 789 theres a second library as well, but who needs two of them.

[Minecraft Seeds list | 458384954] | library

The portal takes 12 eyes of ender to activate at which point you can enter and fight the dragon.

[Minecraft Seeds] [458384954] | activated portal

A few screenshots of the end and the dragon.

Minecraft Seeds list 1.0.0 | 458384954] | the end

Minecraft Seeds | 458384954 | dragon

[Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0] [458384954] | end dragon

Kill the dragon for the kill screen and a rather long poem.

26 thoughts on “[Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0] 458384954

  1. the ender dragon is in the xbox version. ive played the xbox version with my friends and we fought the ender dragon

  2. I found a desert temple buried in a desert mountain and only one side of it was showing. Inside it I found 1 diamond, 1 emerald, gold ingots, rotten flesh, bones, and iron ingots. Cords are x 170.68624 z -262.70000.

  3. i am angry.. i had all but one filled up, i went to place last eye, and the frame broke….. now i have to make the world again..

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