Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 | Disneyland

This seed spawns you in a huge continent.  Lots of features nearby.

There is a pretty cool floating island at X: -509 Z: 455

A massive ravine system, one at surface level, there must be 5 or 6 ravines connected to each other underground.  The entrance is X: -571 Z: 522

NPC Village next to a river in a desert biome at X: -527 Z: 716

A dungeon right next to the village, dig around in the sand a bit at X: 539 Z: 777 and you will find it

Some abandoned mineshafts at X: -241 Y: 39 Z: 1075

A dungeon near the mineshafts at X: -213 Y: 24 Z: 1062


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