Minecraft Seeds 1.0 | -245672124

Right next to the spawn point is a village and two surface level dungeons.  Close by is a second npc village and an entrance to a large abandoned mineshaft.

Surface Level Dungeon at X: -31 Z: 320

Another Surface Level Dungeon at X: 57 Z: 297

NPC Village near spawn point at X:28 Z: 178

A Second NPC Village half flooded at X: -164 Z: -166

Cave entrance to a fortress at X: 56 Z: 360

5 thoughts on “Minecraft Seeds 1.0 | -245672124

    • a couple things interfere with what i write and what you see, this is a version 1.0.0 seed so if you are using a different one it likely will not work. also mods can change what you see, the coordinates i gave are for a completely unmodded game in 1.0.0.

      the final thing that can supposedly change the outcome of seeds is the computer system itself. and that i can’t do much about, hopefully they work for most people.

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