Minecraft Seeds 1.1 | supermanreturns!

Thanks to Lofie3000 for submitting this great minecraft seed.  supermanreturns! has a lot of great features close enough to the spawn point to make it a great minecraft seed.

If you head out to X: 129 and Z: 508 you will find an NPC Village with a large crevice nearby.  This is a good place to mine some coal and iron ore.

Almost directly next to the first village is a second NPC Village at X: 201 and Z: 380.  This is perhaps as close as I have ever seen two villages in the game.  So that makes it a special minecraft seed right there.

There are several wolves between the two villages feeding on the local sheep, fortunately there are so many sheep this is not much of a problem.

There is a cave entrance near the first village and a dungeon at the end of the tunnel at X:142 Y: 60 Z: 647

And don’t forget to check out the massive cave system that starts at X: -161 Z: 429 theres some great spelunking to be done here!

With plenty of other biomes (desert biome, snow biome, forest biome, swamp biome…) nearby this is a great seed.

18 thoughts on “Minecraft Seeds 1.1 | supermanreturns!

    • there are three axis’ in the game. x is the x axis, z is the z axis and y is the y axis. say you’re facing a direction, say north. lets say x is forward and backwards and z is left and right. that makes y up and down. understand?

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    • After entering, and spawning in the seed Press F3 on the keyboard, on the left side there will be
      and some numbers, these are cords, x is one way, y is height, and z is the other way, basicly walk whichever way changes the number next to X until its x-129 (the numbers after it dont matter)
      Y doesent matter here, so then after your X- is 129 go in the other direction to change the Z until its 508 so when you see the village it should say X-129 Z-508.
      I hope this helps :D!

  1. I can’t find the village anywhere, I climbed the mountains and looked around, followed the coastline (it’s a pretty big island!) can’t find it! any directions?

  2. I spawned and x was at like -905 in the middle of the ocean with no land ANYWHERE, Then when I became an hero and drowned I re-spawned on land at -451 or something


  3. I spawned at x -293, z 302, very near a snowy biome.
    Just follow the coastline in the right direction, and you’ll be fine

    @theminecraftmethod: Thanks for posting my seed

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