Minecraft Seeds 1.2.4 | Dovahkiin

Well we have a new minecraft version 1.2.4, so make sure you update your client if you want to check out these new seeds.

Dovahkiin is a minecraft world seed for 1.2.4 that spawns you a ways from an NPC village. Β The village can be found at X: 817 Z: 280.

There are a bunch of really cool mountain overhands and floating islands with lavafalls and waterfalls coming out of them at X: -5.2 Z: -409

Please let me know if you find anything else interesting in this seed!

9 thoughts on “Minecraft Seeds 1.2.4 | Dovahkiin

    • lol i know a seed with no land at spawn. well i wanted to type the seed called seed but i typed seeds and it spawned me in the air and i fell in the water. then i can’t see any land

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