Minecraft Seeds 1.2.4 | mileysucks

mileysucks is a minecraft seed for 1.2.4 it features 2 npc villages, an abandoned mineshaft in a huge cave system and a surface dungeon.

There is an NPC village at X: -278 Z: 264

A surface dungeon at X: -194 Z: -77

There is a huge cave opening at X: 267 Z: 160 that leads to a massive cave system and abandoned mineshaft.

A small NPC Village at X: 164 Z: 27

~  I heard there is a pink sheep somewhere near the spawn, but didn’t manage to find it…can anyone find it?

8 thoughts on “Minecraft Seeds 1.2.4 | mileysucks

  1. by the way next to the village that is close to the spawn point there is some caves that will lead to a gigantic cave sistem, were there is lots of resources, but only 5 diamont.
    i use this map to play with my friends on multiplayer. we attack eatch other, steal, evolve to see who is the best. being 3 NPC villages is much more easier.

  2. i have found out a seed on minecraft 1.2.4 that next to spawn there is a NPC village and if you do a map on the spawn and keep exploring the map you will find other 2 NPC villages. one is small and almost underwater. the other has more than 17 grown villagers.
    the seed is : 18031350456320414
    please say anything to me about this

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