Minecraft Seed with Village, Dungeon and Caves

Description: This is a good minecraft dungeon finding seed. Theres also a large village and a very large very cool cave system.  The closest dungeon is very close to the intitial spawning point and also very close to the surface. The code for this minecraft seed is 11743, keep in mind it will only work for older versions of the game.

Notable Coordinates:

X:93 Y:71 Z:106 Dungeon location just below the desert

Minecraft Seeds | Minecraft Dungeon | Small Dungeon image

X:16 Y:76 Z:368 A Good sized NPC Village

Minecraft Seeds | Minecraft Village | Small Minecraft Village

X:175 Y:68 Z:665 Entrance to a large cave system. Happy exploring!

Minecraft Seeds | Minecraft Cave | Small Cave Image


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