Minecraft Stronghold Seeds

Description: Strongholds FTW!! This seed contains an amazing stronghold. Its absolutely massive with caves systems and dungeons all around it. I found chests in the dungeons, as well as all different types of ores and mobs. Its too bad the spawn point is so far away but its definately worth the hike. The seed is  1448524118, but it will only work on older versions of minecraft.

X:-868 Y:34 Z:43 Awesome Stronghold. Need I say more? There are many other cool areas in this world, but really awesome stronghold is awesome.

Minecraft Seeds | Minecraft Stronghold | Staircase ImageMinecraft Seeds | Minecraft Stronghold | Small Stronghold Image

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2 thoughts on “Minecraft Stronghold Seeds

  1. EPICLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found another stronghold seed tht you may be familiar with: Dossier. about that the guy that posted the Dossier seed if he is reading this in your discription about the stronghold bug its not a bug i went to the stronghold myself and if you go explore around the stronghold ender room underwater there is a cave hole entrance in the ocean floor and you will find the rest of the stronghold there.

  2. If you read my first comment on one of your newest seeds you should know what I’m talking about, what’s the seed for 1.2.3

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