Minecraft Seeds | Absolutely Ridiculous Ravine

Seed Name (cut and paste to avoid errors): -8042471896278289475

Tested on Minecraft 1.5.2

This Minecraft Seed spawns you in a plains biome with a half dozen cows nearby.  Also, next to the spawn point is a decent cave system which will make gathering some ores very easy at the start.  So grab some coal and iron ores and lets move on. (X: 11, Z: 133 for a dozen surface coal ores…torch time!)

There is a small NPC town at X: 83 Z: -154.  It comes complete with a blacksmith and several farm animals (cows, sheep) nearby.  It is in the plains with a jungle biome near.  There is a ravine really close to here at X: -15 Z: -232.  In a cave near the bottom of the crevice is an abandoned mineshaft and in there are several surface diamonds at X:  -1 Y: 14 Z: -165.  If you keep exploring you will find 2 more diamonds at X: 26 Y: 13 Z: -165

There is an absolutely ridiculous ravine that you MUST go check out.  Its double wide with a lava floor.  Surface diamonds all over the place and an abandoned mineshaft. X: -683 Y: 17 Z: -199.  There is a stronghold connected to the abandoned mineshaft, if you have the coordinates for it leave them in the comments.  Check out the video:

There is also a Jungle Temple (X: 878 Y: 78 Z: -384) and Desert Temple.

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  1. nah i dont think they would because it would be no point going to dig iron ore if you can just kill zobemis it will be like apples from trees rare type imo

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