Minecraft Seeds | Absolutely Ridiculous Ravine

Seed Name (cut and paste to avoid errors): -8042471896278289475

Tested on Minecraft 1.5.2

This Minecraft Seed spawns you in a plains biome with a half dozen cows nearby.  Also, next to the spawn point is a decent cave system which will make gathering some ores very easy at the start.  So grab some coal and iron ores and lets move on. (X: 11, Z: 133 for a dozen surface coal ores…torch time!)

[showmyads]There is a small NPC town at X: 83 Z: -154.  It comes complete with a blacksmith and several farm animals (cows, sheep) nearby.  It is in the plains with a jungle biome near.  There is a ravine really close to here at X: -15 Z: -232.  In a cave near the bottom of the crevice is an abandoned mineshaft and in there are several surface diamonds at X:  -1 Y: 14 Z: -165.  If you keep exploring you will find 2 more diamonds at X: 26 Y: 13 Z: -165

There is an absolutely ridiculous ravine that you MUST go check out.  Its double wide with a lava floor.  Surface diamonds all over the place and an abandoned mineshaft. X: -683 Y: 17 Z: -199.  There is a stronghold connected to the abandoned mineshaft, if you have the coordinates for it leave them in the comments.  Check out the video:

There is also a Jungle Temple (X: 878 Y: 78 Z: -384) and Desert Temple.


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