[Minecraft Seeds] gimmeabreak

The minecraft seed gimmeabreak has one of the better spawn points, its right in the middle of a minecraft village.

Spawn point in village: X: 100, Z: 250

Minecraft Seeds | Minecraft Village | Minecraft NPC Village

Diamonds: X: 3 , Y: 6, Z: 290

I found 6 diamonds really close to the spawn point in this seed.  If theres enough likes on this post i’ll make a video to show you exactly how to get there, otherwise just go to the exact coordinates.

Best Minecraft Seeds | Diamond Ore Image

Minecraft Seeds List | Diamond Ore Location

There is a second Village at X: 338, Z: 532

Minecraft Seeds | Minecraft Village | Minecraft NPC Village Location

Direct access to a Fortress at  X:528, Z:789

Minecraft Seeds | Fortress Interior with Coal Ore

Dungeon in the Fortress at X:554, Y: 39, Z: 814

MinecraftSeeds | Dungeon in Fortress with Spider

Check out this random chest i found in the fortress, It has a diamond in it!

Minecraft Seeds | Minecraft Chest Contents

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