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The 1.2.5 minecraft seed called hotelcalifornia (no caps, no spaces) features

NPC village near the spawn point at X: 39 Z: 62

Massive Ravine at X: 898 Z: 161

Stronghold at X: 1072 Z: -304 There is also an abandoned mineshaft sitting on top of the stronghold, the two intersect at around X: 1033 Z: -313

There are a few more npc villages not too far from the spawn point, but I didn’t search them all so not sure about the coordinates. ┬áIf someone locates them, please put the coordinates in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Minecraft Seeds | hotelcalifornia

  1. Today 1.9 came out. i was trying to find a stronghold, as my Ender Pearls were not working. I used this seed. I would recommend not using it if you have 1.9. The world completely glitches out. Just thought i should say that. It looked like a good seed anyway.

  2. The village is there but the fortress is not aboveground near ther for me. Checking below. Found a small underwater pond, and if you put a dash next to x, your in the middle of an ocean.

  3. I also found a nice survival island at x:-455
    z:-339 and found another stronghold inside a huge cave system with an abandoned mineshaft next to it at x:667 z:550

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