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 The seed is -799194864 and it works for 1.4.7 on normal world size.  This seed spawns you on the edge of jungle and desert biomes.  If you rotate a few degrees you will be able to see a temple in the desert biome.  The Coordinates are X: 187 Y: 70 Z: 283

Contained in the chests are 3 emeralds and 4 diamonds as well as a bunch of gold and miscellaneous other items.  This is one of the fastest ways to get started with some good items if you use this seed.  For you teleporters the coordinates are X: 186 Y: 54 Z: 282.

If you dig straight down below the pressure tile in the chest area of the pyramid you will fall into a ravine which is found at X: 186 Y: 21 Z: 284.  There is actually a network of ravines down here with 2 or 3 going off in different directions.  I found 2 surface diamonds at X: 222 Y: 16 Z: 289.  And another 2 diamonds at X: 221 Y: 12 Z: 306.  That makes a total of 8 diamonds without barely moving from the spawn point.  Continue exploring in a different cave passage and you will find another 4 surface diamonds at X: 267 Y: 12 Z: 395.

Time to stop diamond hunting and start finding a couple more features in this seed.  There is a cool hollow mountain at X: 480 Y: 78 Z: 434.  It would be a nice place to build a super base.

An NPC village in the desert at X: 890 Y: 65 Z: 580.  There is a blacksmiths chest in this village with a diamond and 3 obsidian blocks.  And a short distance away is a second desert temple at X: 779 Y: 65 Z: 635.  I stood on the pressure plate by mistake and blew it up, so the contents of these chests will remain a mystery….for now.

3 thoughts on “Minecraft Seeds List | Desert Temple World

  1. There is also 4 more blocks of diamond ore that are right next to a pool of lava so I recommend you block it or have a potion of fire resistance with you.
    The coordinates for the visible block of diamond ore are
    X = 164
    Y = 11
    Z = 266
    There is also some visible redstone ore close by

  2. I am surprised that you did not mention the zombie spawner beneath the butcher’s garden X,Y,Z is X 874 Y 58 Z 583
    The spawner only has one chest but it contains:
    4 iron
    3 string
    1 enchanted book fortune II
    1 enchanted book unbreaking I
    There are also lots more diamonds in the huge cave under the first temple
    ( I have seen at least 17 in total maybe 19)
    Thanks for this great seed i already have three worlds using it.
    P.S going to the village first is a good idea as the iron pickaxe in the village+ both the enchanted books will increase the bounty from the large cave.

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