Minecraft Seeds List | werewolf

The minecraft seed for 1.2.5 called werewolf spawns you near a large mountain range, there are many mountains around.  Lots of animals as well.

If you head over to X: -188 Z: 713 there is an exposed surface ravine that is two layers high.  Theres a massive cave system off the side of the ravine and it leads to a ton of passages and caverns.  I didn’t manage to explore the whole thing but while exploring I found a spider dungeon and 3 sets of diamonds.  The coordinates are pretty exact so hopefully you will be able to find them.

Dungeon at X: -181 Y: 22 Z: 705 with green record in it

Exposed Diamonds at X: -202 Y: 14 Z: 669
Another set at X: -210 Y: 18 Z: 646
Third set at X: -233 Y: 16 Z: 686
~thanks to dalestroyer for submitting this one


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