Minecraft Seeds: Treeless Island

The world name is (copy and paste it to avoid making a mistake) :-6896691898446917423

Works on Minecraft Version 1.5+ and possibly earlier

Desert Island Minecraft Seed

[showmyads]You are spawned on a tiny island with almost no surface resources.  At one end is a single bamboo stalk.  But do not dismay, on the very same island you spawn on there is a ravine…no wait, a double ravine.  There is a ton of coal and iron ores here so it won’t be hard to get started playing right?  Oh wait, there are no trees…no wood anywhere.  Can you survive?

You could always turn the bonus chest on and get a few starting supplies…but that doesn’t seem so hardcore.

I really like that the two closest land masses in this generated Minecraft World are mushroom biomes…take a swim and get a ton of free food if you want. Or better yet build a crazy long bridge and you can run there whenever you want.

Spoilers Below…Stop here if you want to play it for yourself!

How to Get Tons of Wood in this world!

You are going to have to swim a short distance from the island…if you go to X: -200 Z 300 and dive down you will come across an underwater ravine. It may take you a couple of attempts to do it before you run out of breath.

In this ravine is an abandoned mineshaft, and deconstructing it is how we will find a ton of wood for us to use. In addition there is a chest in a minecart and 4 surface diamonds.

Watch this video if you are having trouble getting to the wood.


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