Minecraft Waterworld Seed | -8699521000774744713

This is a great waterworld seed.

It spawns you in the middle of an ocean with only 1 tiny bit of land visible. ¬†Theres a large cave system in that tiny island. ¬†Further away there is mountainous terrain with trees…even an NPC village at X: -764 Z: -947

3 thoughts on “Minecraft Waterworld Seed | -8699521000774744713

  1. I’m playing this world right now! Dang it’s tough, I spawned on an island with only one tree and have had to move on from their. Didn’t spawn in the same spot, and havn’t found a single island bigger than 50 x 50 or so (and that was only one, all other have been much smaller). But I’m working on it, just need to get out of the ocean biome and find some mobs!

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